The ensemble of buildings at »Alter Schulplatz«

After five years of extensive redevelopment, the building which now houses the Adara Hotel shines in all its splendour. It is hard to believe that this building complex, consisting of a total of four houses situated at »Alter Schulplatz«, had already been released for demolition around the year 1900. This building complex, however, was saved by the economic constraints resulting from the worldwide economic crisis in the 1920s. Starting in 2008, this ensemble from the 13th century, which has since been put under historical preservation protection, has been renovated with a keen sense of authenticity.

It has been rebuilt from scratch with a thousand tiny, charming details. Again and again, surprising glimpses into the medieval building material emerge. The building’s history is perceptible in every room, taking our guests on a little journey back into medieval times.

Initially, this ensemble of buildings consisted of four houses. Each one had its own stairwell. By redesigning and combining the houses through a central stairwell with a lift system, we were successful in creating a functional hotel. Within a period of five years, this ensemble of buildings was fully renovated with painstaking attention to detail, preserving the historical substance at the same time. To create space for essential side and engineering rooms, nearly the entire building complex had to be dug up manually and rebuilt with a basement, a process which took about a year. During the excavation, supervised by the historic preservation agency, several historical finds were secured – among them even the bone of a human forearm. Some of these finds are exhibited in the basement. The original construction of the buildings can be seen today in many places in the hotel.