Lake Constance is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Germany. Its special charm lies in the area’s versatility. Innumerable attractions, breathtaking natural beauty, cultural hotspots and culinary treasures are spread around Lake Constance like a string of pearls. Here, business travellers, nature enthusiasts, active holidaymakers and families alike will find everything they are looking for. It’s the perfect place to combine various interests and activities into one single holiday or stay.

Situated around Lake Constance are quaint towns that are worth exploring during a longer stay. A visit to the area wouldn’t be complete without an excursion to one of the many charming islands or towns in the nearby countryside either. Discover the flower island of Mainau, the prehistoric lake dwellings in Unteruhldingen, the pilgrimage church of Birnau, numerous castles and palaces such as Salem Palace and Meersburg Castle, monasteries such as Reichenau Monastery and the natural spectacle of the Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. You can also treat yourself to a performance at the Bregenz Festival, which is always worth a visit.

Tourism in Lindau

Things to do in Lindau

Buildings with centuries-old facades, alleyways packed with history … parks to relax in, stately streets to stroll along … secluded coves with stunning views, small town squares bustling with life … all of this and more awaits you in Lindau.

The island located along the eastern shore of Lake Constance is around 70 hectares in size, making it the second-largest island in the »Swabian Sea«. With its winding alleys and medieval buildings, the old town area has a special charm that many people would describe as  Mediterranean. The Bavarian lion and Germany’s southernmost lighthouse have been welcoming visitors to the harbour since the 19th century.


Lindau may be primarily known as an island city, but it is also a city of gardens. Even on the island, with its limited space and its compact, historic buildings, you will find several park areas. Visitors enjoy strolling through the City Garden and the other lush, green sanctuaries, some offering panoramic views across Lake Constance. Going onto the Lindau mainland, you will discover that is has even more to offer. Here, sprawling shores and attractive historic parks are just waiting to be explored.

Incidentally, the name »Lindau«, documented for the first time in the year 882, means »island where linden trees grow«. The city’s coat of arms and seal, which date back to the 13th century, depict a linden tree or a linden leaf and serve as a reminder of Lindau’s long history.

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Boat rides on Lake Constance

Lake crossings on a steamboat

Let the wind caress your cheeks on deck, visit picturesque towns around Lake Constance and make every day a holiday!

Experience Lake Constance on scenic excursions. The catamaran provides an hourly connection between the cities of Constance and Friedrichshafen. On the Constance-Meersburg and Friedrichshafen-Romanshorn routes, the car fairies serve as the ideal floating bridges connecting the cities. From April to October, the solar fairy connecting the island of Reichenau and Mannenbach on the opposite shore in Switzerland is a particularly environmentally friendly way to travel.


Lake Constance’s mountain

The unique panoramic view from our local mountain over the entire Lake Constance as well as 240 Alpine peaks in Austria, Germany and Switzerland makes the Pfänder near Bregenz in Vorarlberg the most popular scenic viewpoint in the region.

The view is extraordinary during any season of the year, whether you are hiking, cycling, or enjoying the view from a cable car.

Mainau Island

Our island of flowers

Mainau Island, located in Lake Constance, is a delight to experience at any time of the year. Here you can enjoy nature, rejuvenate and relax. Spring is ushered in with around a million tulips and other spring flowers. Hundreds of rhododendrons and fragrant roses brighten up the summer. Dahlias make the autumn unforgettable and, in the winter, the island of flowers transforms into a magical winter garden. This popular tourist destination beckons you to come enjoy the beauty and serenity that nature has to offer, all year round.

Reichenau Island

Our fertile island

In the middle of the western part of Lake Constance stretches the famous World Heritage site of Reichenau Island. It is an idyllic world of its own, hugged by water. Tucked in between the UNESCO World Heritage churches, you will find market gardens, fields and vineyards, all full of thriving vegetables, herbs and grapes. And with every ringing of the bells, the triad of this unique but completely unspoilt island landscape can be heard: natural, authentic and close.

This is what makes the island of Reichenau so special.


Cycling tours around Lindau

Whether you prefer road bikes, mountain bikes or e-bikes, the Lake Constance region offers the best conditions for cycling fans. Flat and well-maintained cycling paths guide visitors along the lake, narrow streets navigate through the hilly countryside, and ambitious trails with substantial elevation gain provide a challenge for experienced athletes. Lindau is the perfect place to start a cycling tour in this beautiful and highly diverse region.


Hiking trails around Lindau

A picturesque island against a dreamy backdrop and a fascinating area that combines German and Mediterranean ways of life. Whether over the gentle rolling hills of the Alpine foothills or up to the top of the majestic mountain peaks, the hiking trails around Lindau have something to offer for every taste and level of ambition. While enjoying the culinary delights in the four-country region and the exquisite wines from the local wineries, the sunset over Lake Constance becomes the perfect end to a long day of hiking.

Lindau in the Winter

Winter hiking

Winter in the Lake Constance area is ideal for beautiful winter strolls and lengthy hikes. Whether it’s a snowy adventure for the family or just a romantic day for two, everyone will find their own perfect winter activity here, always keeping the lake or the mountains in sight.

Winter sports in the Lindau area

If you’re looking to combine a city and a winter holiday, Lindau is just the place for you. Conveniently located, numerous ski areas are just a short drive away.

A day of wellness

The Therme Lindau Spa is the perfect place to get away and forget the world around you for a few hours. Relax, unwind and immerse yourself in one of our indoor or outdoor thermal pools – your favourite spot is just waiting to be discovered. With the majestic view of the lake and mountains around you, your cocktail at the pool bar will taste better than ever. Here, we offer you the essence of that lovely holiday feeling.